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The Kitchener Ringette Association is one of the many non-profit organizations that participates regularly in running charity bingos.    The funds raised through these bingos are a significant factor in covering our annual operating costs (ice, referees, etc). Without these funds, each child’s registration fee would go up considerably. Over the past year we have experienced difficulty at times in fulfilling our commitments to operate the bingo…..WE CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE OUR SPOT!!!

The proceeds from the bingo benefit all children registered with KRA thus the responsibility to operate the bingos should rest with all as well.


Each team will be responsible for four bingo's in the season from April 2014 - May 2015.  Bench staff can contact me to volunteer for 2 or 4 spots at a bingo.  If a bingo remains vacant, it will be assisgned to a team.  Should you be unable to work the date you signed up for or were assigned it will be your team's responsibility to find a replacement.   As per a motion carried at the KRA Board Meeting on August 25th, 2014, a charge of $50.00 will be payable immediately by the offending team should there be a no show.  If you cannot make your date, you must find a replacement.  The $50.00 fee MUST be paid in full to KRA BEFORE that team will be assisgned ice times.


All of the confirmed KRA bingo dates are posted on the Bingo page of our website. Beside each date shows the number of volunteers still required for that date. Once you know which date(s) you would like to volunteer, please email Stewart Saunderson at  Include in your email the team you represent, . Stewart will confirm back to you with your date(s).

Each Bingo session will have up to 4 people per date + a backroom organizer.  If Bingo attendance is low, one or more may be allowed to leave early.  This will be decided by the backroom supervisor.


Thank You

Stewart Saunderson
Director of Communications

KRA runs a bingo every second Saturday from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm at the KW Gaming Center on Krug Street, Kitchener. (Krug St. plaza)             

BINGO SCHEDULE: April 2014 - April 2015

Date Back Room Volunteers needed 1 2 3 4
5-Apr-2014 Linda 1 M Abrams K Topp    
19-Apr-2014 Kinga 0 T Ross G Coulbeck S Gadreau  
3-May-2014 Linda 1 M Abrams S Saunderson    
17-May-2014 Linda 0 R Costa M Costa C Brown  
31-May-2014 Linda 0 W Stribet Poulin Poulin  
14-Jun-2014 Kinga 0 P McLean K McLean K Fox  
28-Jun-2014 Linda 0 S Bromberg H Bromberg W Stribet  
12-Jul-2014 Linda 1 W Stribet C McFatridge    
26-Jul-2014 Kinga 1 T Ross S Vanickle    
9-Aug-2014 Kinga 1 G Coulbeck
P Lunnie
23-Aug-2014 Kinga 0 M Topp V Hum Schmidt  
6-Sep-2014 Linda 4 S Saunderson M Abrams I Coulbeck R Trautman
20-Sep-2014 Kinga 2 L Perrie
S Ross
C O'Toole
A Gilmour
04-Oct-2014 Kinga 4 U12PP U12PP U10 U10
18-Oct-2014 Kinga 4        
01-Nov-2014 Linda 4        
15-Nov-2014 Linda 4        
29-Nov-2014   4        
13-Dec-2014   4        
13-Dec-2014   4        

* Dates in 2015 have not yet been assigned by K-W Gaming Centre, and as such cannot yet be assigned.

Estimated Bingo Volunteers Needed in the 2014-2015 KRA Season: 104


Team Name Estimated Volunteers Needed Volunteers Provided Volunteer Spaces Required
Kitchener Wildcats U8 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U9 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U10G 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U10W 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U12G 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U12W 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U14 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U16 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U19 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats U12PP 8 2 6
Kitchener Wildcats U14AA 8 2 6
Kitchener Wildcats U16A 8 2 6
Kitchener Wildcats U19A 8 0 8
Kitchener Wildcats Open A 8 0 8



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